What is Not Covered by the EV Cable Warranty

EV Cable Warranty: The Uncovered Aspects

Electric Vehicle (EV) charging cables are a crucial bridge between your vehicle and its power source. They enable you to leverage the advantages of green energy. Nevertheless, these cables are under constant threat from improper care and storage, particularly exposure to water and harsh conditions. It's crucial to remember that no EV cable is completely waterproof due to technical design challenges. Therefore, these cables, which can cost hundreds of pounds, must be handled with care and respect.

Ideally, you should store your EV cable in a dry place after each use. If this isn't always possible, consider installing a charger wall mount. A wall mount keeps the charging gun in a secure, dry fixture when not in use, raises the cable end off the ground, and ensures rainwater doesn't flow into the handset.

Take note that the warranty on EV cables typically only covers defects from manufacturing. It doesn't extend to corrosion or water damage caused by neglect or improper usage.

Common mistakes in cable storage include draping your cable over a reel, letting the charging plug hang down. This can allow water to run down the cable and seep into the plug base and further into the plug itself. Another mistake is leaving the cable lying on the ground, where water can also find its way into the base of the plug. Both these scenarios can cause water damage and eventual corrosion.

If this sounds like your routine, it's time to change your habits. Protect your investment and avoid unnecessary expenses on replacement cables by storing them correctly from the outset. Remember, cables can easily get damaged over time due to improper handling and storage.

Investing in green energy is a commendable act, and it's vital to look after your EV charging cables. Keeping them dry whenever you can isn't just a good practice; it's a must. This serves as a sharp yet costly reminder that disregarding the weather can wreak havoc on your EV components. So let's all commit to safeguarding our investments and support the green energy movement responsibly.

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