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What to consider when choosing your EVSTOR™ 10 Metre EV Charging Cable?
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Know your 10 metre EV charging cable
This EV cable weighs approximately 4.2kg

EVSTOR™ 10 Metre EV Charging Cable | Type 2 to Type 2 | 32 Amp | Single Phase | 8KW | IEC 62196 | Mode 3 | FREE Carry Bag (10 metre)

FAST CHARGING | Capable of charging at 32 Amps (8KW), and will work with both 16Amps (3.6KW) or up to 32 Amps (8kW), the ideal choice for your electric vehicle  for fast and reliable charging for any domestic or home location.

COMPATIBILITY & COMPLIANCE| Compatible with all Type 2 (IEC62196) fitted electric vehicles, and fully UKCA, CE & TUV Rheinland certified and compliant.

DURABLE, FLEXIBLE & ROBUST | Industry leading ingress protect rating of IP65 for water and dust resistance. With built in cable strain relief our charging cable is produced with advanced TPU grade rubber and is run over proof to 2 tons

2 YEAR WARRANTY | For your complete peace of mind this premium quality electric vehicle charging cable is backed by a two year warranty

Clearance Information

This high-quality charging cable was returned by a customer solely because it was longer than they needed. However, rest assured that this cable is in excellent condition with only minor signs of use that do not impact its ability to perform its primary charging duty.

Despite the small signs of use, this cable has undergone a thorough inspection to ensure it meets our stringent quality standards. It has been tested to guarantee reliable and efficient charging, allowing you to power up your electric vehicle with confidence.

The cable may show slight cosmetic imperfections, but these do not detract from its overall functionality or durability. It still delivers the same level of performance you would expect from a brand new cable, but at a significantly discounted price.

By offering this cable in our clearance category, we aim to provide you with an opportunity to save on a perfectly functional product that may have a few cosmetic blemishes. It is important to note that this cable still carries the same warranty period as our regular-priced items, ensuring your peace of mind.

If you're looking for a charging cable and don't mind a minor aesthetic flaw, this returned item is an excellent choice. Take advantage of the discounted price and enjoy the convenience of a reliable and efficient charging solution for your electric vehicle.

Compatible with all Type 2 EVs and PHEVs

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🔒 We've got you covered! With a minimum of 2 years warranty on all our charging cables*, you can charge up with peace of mind. (*see warranty for exclusions)

🌟 Uncompromising Quality! Our Type 2 EV cables meet the highest standards, UKCA, CE, and TUV certified, guaranteeing top-notch performance and safety. Plus, they are rated to at least IP65, making them weather-resistant and perfect for all conditions.

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EVSTOR offers a premium electric vehicle charging cable that is 10 metres long and comes in a type 2 32amp single phase configuration. This charging cable is designed with advanced technology and features a next generation toughened and durable cable, ensuring high-quality construction for long-lasting performance. The 10 metre EV charging cable is a reliable and robust choice for your electric vehicle charging needs.

The cable is manufactured to the highest quality using the latest thermo plastic polyurethane (TPU) material. This high-performance cable is the thinnest, lightest, and toughest cable in its class. The ergonomically designed lightweight connectors are easy to handle and provide a confident connection, time after time. With 10 metre EV charging cables, you can ensure that you have enough cable to easily reach your vehicle.

The 10 metre EV charging cable is also designed with safety in mind. It is dust and waterproof rated to IP65, has built-in impact resistance to 1m, and is 'run over' proof to 2 tons. These features provide robust reliability for a long working life. The built-in cable strain features improve upon the already robust and flexible cable construction, making this cable an ideal choice for your electric vehicle charging needs.

To ensure your peace of mind, this premium quality charging cable comes with a two-year warranty. Whether you are at home, work, or on the go, the 10 metre EV charging cable provides a reliable and durable solution for your electric vehicle charging needs. Choose EVSTOR's 10 metre EV charging cable to charge your vehicle quickly and efficiently.

Product Features and Benefits:

★10 metre type 2 (IEC 62196) to type 2 connector mode 3 charging cable
★Suitable for use with all Type 2 electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles
★Compatible with both 16amp and 32amp charge points
★Next generation lightweight and thin cables
★Industry leading IP65 protection rating
★Compliant to UKCA, CE, TUV and RoHS standards
★Ergonomically designed slim line connectors for maximum comfort
★Plug to plug and tethered cable options available
★Durable, flexible and robust cable construction
★Available in multiple colour and cable length options
★Available in straight or coiled cable types
★Single or 3 phase options available
★Impact resistant to 1m
★‘Run over’ proof to 2 tons
★Built in cable strain relief
★Tested to 10,000 mating cycles
★UV resistant
★Free carry bag
★24 month warranty

EV Charging Cables & TPU; What You Need to Know

TPU cable offers superior durability, wear resistance, radiation resistance, elasticity, strength, colour options, versatility, and environmental friendliness. If you are in the market for an electric vehicle charging cable, we encourage you to choose TPU cable for the best combination of safety, functionality, and affordability. At EVSTOR, we are committed to providing our customers with the best possible products and services, and our TPU cables are a testament to that commitment.


When not in use, replace the charging connector dust caps and place in the cable bag provided. Store in a dry place. To prevent moisture, dust and dirt ingres avoid leaving the cable outside for prolonged periods of time. If moisture is evident, leave the cable in a warm dry place for 24 hours to dry out prior to use.



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